Tiny Bomber is a Bomberman inspired endless game (Video)

The team at Ahoy Games is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest in-house game, Tiny Bombers. The new app will be available exclusively on the iOS and TvOS platforms on March 23, 2017.

A game based on reflexes and strategic skills, Tiny Bombers is an incredibly beautiful and stimulating mobile game that takes the player though a maze full of coins, bombs and traps. In order to progress, the user has to use their bombing skills to go forward, or else risk collapsing along with the rest of the world. Tiny Bomber is a Bomberman inspired endless game, with the main focus being: reaching as far as possible while collecting coins. Game world is constructed dynamically with each play, keeping the game fresh!

Game features include: endless gameplay, procedural world construction, multiple world themes, many custom challenges, stunning graphics, 15 characters to choose from, original soundtracks and 12 language localizations. Tiny Bombers also comes with many iOS and TvOS specific features such as: Apple 3d Touch support, Haptic Feedback support and local coop on Apple TV via iOS as a second controller.