Munch Your Way To Stardom In ‘Maze Bomber’ (Video)

Indie game developer Biswanath Das aka. Biswa Games is proud to announce the official release of Maze Bomber now available for download on the iOS® and Google Play™ digital app stores. Available also on Facebook and recently added to Greenlight via STEAM™, Maze Bomber is a delightful, fun and highly addictive arcade game with the objective of protecting your precious queen from being devoured by hungry sharks on the prowl for their next meal!

Maze Bomber is not a big game, but it is a lot of fun! Your task is to play a fish on a mission to protect your fish-queen at all costs from hungry sharks. This is achieved by completing 50 exciting levels spread across 5 underwater worlds. Clear the level from food to progress, and avoid the sharks. You can deploy underwater mines to fend off the sharks and you can use the Aegis Shield for temporary protection. You can also freeze enemy hearts using thunderbolts.
Maze Bomber is a fun casual game to players of all ages and experience levels. It features cute graphics; fun gameplay, arcade action and star-rankings that improve the better you play. A must have in your game collection today.