Panda and Dog: Always Dog Cute on iOS and Android

Picola  announced the release of Panda and Dog: Always Dog Cute. The popular Panda and Dog manga by cartoonist Steven Spielhamburg is available in game form on Android and iOS.

Panda and Dog: Always Dog Cute is a game that lets you pet Dog by tapping the screen. Your affection appears as hearts you can collect and then trade for adorable clothes, and to invite new friends over.

This game lets you pet cute little Dog to your heart’s content.
Tap the screen to pet Dog, and your affection will appear as hearts!
This charming app lets you enjoy Dog’s cuteness wherever you go!

Pet Dog to collect hearts and make new friends!
You can then invite your friends to your room!
Among your friends are the familiar cast of character’s from everyone’s favorite, Steven Spielhamburg.

Collect matching outfits for Panda and Dog!
Increase your style level to collect more hearts!
Dog is already super cute, but with new clothes, he’s adorable!

Supports Instagram and Twitter! Share your Panda and Dog life with friends!

The app can be downloaded from: