THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations, spin-off of THE GAME OF LIFE on iOS

Pack your bags and get ready to create your dream vacation! Marmalade Game Studio presents THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations, the first digital spin-off of Hasbro’s board game classic, THE GAME OF LIFE. The new spin-off released worldwide on the App Store, with a Google Play release following shortly, and allows fans of the original as well as new players to explore the sunny side of life.

In THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations, you aim to collect as many happy memories as possible as you travel around the board in a holiday destination. With each spin of the wheel, you take part in activities, like cliff diving and tubing, and pile up souvenirs, postcards and photos. Choose the risky or safe path and record your adventures in your vacation scrapbook. In this family-friendly digital board game, the player with the best vacation wins!

Volcano Island is a beautiful, tropical hideaway. Take pictures on wonderful beaches, go shopping in quaint fishing villages and explore dramatic lava caves. Travel around the world with a peg and vehicle of your choosing, such as the relaxed surfer family in a hippy van or the lone backpacker journeying uncharted territory on their motorbike. Just make sure to avoid the setbacks, nobody wants a call from their boss on vacation.

The game supports single player against AI opponents, online multiplayer against friends, family or random players, as well as local multiplayer in pass & play mode.

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations is available worldwide on the App Store. The Google Play release will follow shortly after.