Developer of Monster Dash announces an Android first title Paddle Panda in time for the holiday season

Six Foot Kid today revealed their self-published title Paddle Panda. Propel Panda down the river on an exciting pizza powered adventure in a bright and cheery world, beat your high score and collect coins to win prizes of adorable characters and cool tube designs. Game launches on Android 18 December 2015.

Starting at a serene pace, this game quickly becomes a rollercoaster ride of fast and fun gameplay. Keep Panda afloat on his tube for as long as possible using the unique game mechanic of tapping the water to create ripples that push Panda down the river. Bounce the tube off river banks as you careen around corners, avoiding sharp rocks in a tapping frenzy. But don’t forget to collect pizza to feed the timer as Panda won’t paddle on an empty belly!

· High score endless paddler
· Fast paced, addictive gameplay
· Keep the timer fed with pizza!
· Gorgeous toony art style
· Unique core mechanic – make ripples to push character along
· Adorable characters and lots of tubes to collect
· Free to play with IAP

About Six Foot Kid
Creators of Band Stars and developers of the Monster Dash reboot, Six Foot Kid’s mission is to deliver high ‘fun per-minute’ games that spread the simple pleasures of play. Based in Australia, they were formed in 2013 by James Calvert, Sam White and Halfbrick.