Pine Village Inc.’s Floating Dodge Action for Decoration ‘Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Float’

‘Pine Village Inc. is proud to announce the release of iOS gaming app ‘Nyan-Jelly Get & Float’. The app is to dodge and float to the surface from the ocean depth using ‘Nyan-Jelly’, a cute alien migrated from planet ‘Nyan-Jelly’. It requires only TAP to have simple and yet eloquently fun.’ said Rica Kuno Matsumura, CEO of Pine Village Inc. ‘The app also allows the players to do at least 2 more features. The VS play with your friends, and decorate the Nyan-Jellies, with sweets gotten while play, to show off to your friends through their own SNS. More over, you might want to fill out ALL the Nyan-Jelly list and the enemies’ list.’ Rica continued.

After migration from watery Planet Nyan-Jelly to the Earth, in the first app ‘Nyan-Jelly Get & Run’, Nyan-Jelly and friends are living deep below the ocean waters. The strange, chimera of a cat and a jellyfish, but cute and cuddly creations cannot avoid their curiosity; want to visit the surface world! The game is all about using your wits and timing in order to dodge enemies and make Nyan-Jelly safely to the surface. The controls are so easy! All you need to do is to tap the screen and you‘re ready to get started!

Along the way the players can collect objects that will help them customize the look of their Nyan-Jellies. Whether you play single player or challenge yourself to play against others, Nyan-Jelly is throwback style of game that emphasizes hand eye coordination and stress free gaming that your family will enjoy! You will also be able to send to your SNS to show-off your decorated Nyan-Jellies, and play with your friends using ‘multi player mode’.

About Nyan-Jelly: Characters concepted by and trademark of Pine Village Inc. The character is chimera of a cat and a Jellyfish, which is the symbol for peace, smile and silence, which needed by people in real world nowadays. ( )

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