PIRATE SHIP: Endless Sailing at Google Play (Video)

Rapid Games Studio is proud to announce that their newest mobile casual production: PIRATE SHIP: Endless Sailing is available at Google Play* platform!

The game is a dynamic and well balanced arcade-casual adventure that brings many hours of great fun. It’s a perfect time killer.

Player will have an opportunity to become the captain of his very own pirate ship. He will sail through the seas and pillage everything and anyone in the sight!
A first vessel of infamy is just a simple raft, but as the player progresses in the game and sack more treasures, he gains more chances to buy a bigger, better equipped ships!

Thanks to the various upgrades, the journey across perilous seas becomes less dangerous and more rewarding.

Game features:
•3 different worlds to explore
•5 vessels – starting from a raft and ending on huge royal ships
•Lots of obstacles on the way to fortune
•Beautiful and easy interface
•Sharing game results on leaderboards
•The game is Free to play!
Pirate Ship: Endless Sailing will be available in English and Polish languages.