BADLAND 2 (iOS) Update (Video)

Frogmind has just launched the first major update to BADLAND 2, the side-scrolling adventure game originally released in December for iOS devices. Today’s free content patch introduces a new, futuristic world that includes 10 formidable, machine-infested levels, a new rolling character, and – for the first time in the series – reactive creatures!

BADLAND 2 is an incredibly atmospheric experience that builds on the multi award-winning original game, BADLAND, Apple’s 2013 iPad game of the year. Designed to take full advantage of Apple’s 3D Touch capabilities, BADLAND 2 packs even more beautiful detail into its hand-painted worlds, filled with imaginative traps, puzzles and obstacles. It presents players with a deluge of new challenges to overcome, including stages that scroll in all directions, as well as hazards like liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma and volumetric burning light.

The newly updated BADLAND 2 is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $4.99 via the App Store, with even more free bonus content planned for the future.