The Pit: Necromancer DLC brings new, undead character to The Pit!

Kerberos Productions is proud to release their third DLC for The Pit: Gold Edition with The Pit: Necromancer. Necromancer adds a new playable character to the line-up, bringing the total for players to choose from to a dozen!

Take control of Azraeus the Defiler, a servant of The Immortal, one of the ancient and mysterious Suul’ka! Raised from the dead and promised new life in a new body, Azraeus is determined to fulfill his mission: clear out The Pit and steal the cure to the Xombie plague. As dangerous as any Horde Zuul warrior, Azraeus is a unique Character with powers and abilities never before seen in the Pit.

Azraeus brings new gameplay to the series, including the ability to raise undead minions to fight for you as well as a reliance on psionic power to live, but being immune to hunger, disease, and poison in return!
The DLC is available for Mac, Linux, and PC for $1.99USD.

•New playable character, Azraeus the Defiler!
•Raise undead minions to aid you!
•Soul Crush your enemies as fuel for your psychic powers!
•Enjoy immunity to poison, disease, even hunger! But keep an eye on your psionic power – when it’s gone, you’re gone!
•New monsters to roam the corridors of The Pit!
•New recipes, weapons, items, and achievements!
•The Pit series include full controller support, Big Screen compatibility, Steam Cloud, and even Steam trading cards!
•ESRB ™ Rated T for Teens, blood, violence.

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