Reveal – The Scratch & Guess Picture Quiz is back!

– Koko Digital, the award winning indie developers responsible for the creation of many chart topping apps for their long list of big name clients, are excited to finally ‘reveal’ their very own latest creation Reveal 2.

Do you know your Ghostbusters from your Ghetto Blasters? Or your Scooby Doos from your Kangaroos? Whether you’re a geek or granny, toddler or tweenie, we’re sure there’s an image pack you’ll love to scratch your way through, with more new packs being added every week. The game is fast, fun and super simple – just scratch the image and guess the answer!

As a team that often spends more time creating games for other brands, Koko often struggle to find enough spare time in the day to finish off their own internal projects, which is one of the reasons why Reveal 2 has taken over 2 years to launch. Although the benefit of having no set deadline has allowed Koko to perfect what they believe is a real contender to steal the picture quiz crown – taking on the likes of 100 Pics and 4 Pics 1 Word.

Players of Reveal 2 are encouraged to connect to the app to take advantage of various multiplayer features, where the winner is decided as the one who successfully guesses the image by scratching off the least amount and in the quickest time. Connected players also have the ability to play all of the image packs free of charge during challenges, as well as chat to opponents or browse those recently online.

Those who are shy to the idea of connecting or just looking for a break from the turn-based multiplayer mode, still have plenty to enjoy by conquering the vast array of Solo Packs, covering a wide range of topics from celebrity to trivia – with new packs added every week. There’s also random Daily Challenges that offer loyalty based rewards for those who return to the app on a regular basis.

And let’s not forget cute cats! To fall in line with the game’s scratching theme, Reveal 2 introduces a family of cat characters to lead you along the way, from Mr.T inspired cats, to princess cats, and if YouTube has taught us anything it’s that cute cats are an essential part of daily life! Maybe? Either way we’re sure you’ll love their quirky interactions as you progress from one level to the next.

Reveal 2 will be free to download from Saturday January 31st 2015.




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