Pocket Tower building to the top of the charts (Video)

Creative Mobile, in collaboration with Over Mobile presents Pocket Tower, a small casual mobile game with big potential.

Creative Mobile, Estonia’s biggest mobile games publisher in cooperation with Over Mobile, officially releases Pocket Tower; an easy to play building management game.

Players are in charge of developing a building from a tiny tower to a monumental skyscraper one tap at a time. This includes operating the lift, organizing businesses and assigning jobs to the residents who come to live and work in the building. When the residents are working in their dream job they will bring even more profits to the skyscraper.

Pocket Tower is a fun social game where players can join together to create cities, rule the leaderboards and gain bonuses by completing Daily Quests and earning tips from VIP visitors. Players can collect bux and keys to get special rewards, there are plenty of Upgrades and Boosters to increase a Tower’s potential as well as benefit the entire city.