Pokemon meets tower defense – Nightmare Defender available on Google Play

Nightmare Defender released for Android. Nightmare Defender is a tower defense game that brings elements of pet training games like Pokemon into this genre. Besides your bow and magic which you use to defend yourself against waves of monsters, you have to take care of guards which in return will take care of you and be the weapon that you need in an endless war. Nightmare Defender is for all the tower defense fans who like to slaughter endless waves of monsters but also want fresh ideas and experiences.

The basic principles of the game are simple. Your main weapon to defend yourself is your bow. There are 15 attributes that you can put experience points into to increase all kinds of skills, including the strength of the bow, your castels defense or even things like a chance to be reanimated when you die. Besides that the player has access to 9 different kinds of magic, which are also upgradeable and are getting stronger the higher your magic skills get. The fresh aspect for this kind of game are the guards. Guards are creatures that you can share your experience points and your gold with. In return, they will defend you with their life and grow stronger. Guards also have upgradeable attributes, like strength, stamina or courage, which make them more powerful and change their behaviour. E.g. a higher courage for the dog guard will make it more confident, which will result in higher attack rates. When guards reach a certain level, they evolve. The game offers altogether 12 different forms the guards can evolve into.

Pricing: free
OS: Android 3.2+
Where: Google Play
Available now!

Please visit djantel-ware.com/nightmare-defender

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