POLYBLAST – Retro-arcade game that will take you back in time!


Retro-arcade game that will take you back in time!

· Dubbed a modern polished version of Space Invaders
· Challenging retro-arcade game with a puzzle twist
· Apple featured in over 30 countries
· Addictiveness that will take you by surprise!

Dubbed a modern polished version of Space Invaders, Polyblast receives a big update, giving the game a strong retro-arcade feel that will take you back in time!

In PolyBlast, shoot to blast moving targets and eliminate geometrical shapes before they reach the bottom of your screen. Sounds simple but don’t get too comfortable! With a set number of blasts available, Polyblast requires speed, precision and some calculated planning to complete the level! You will find plenty of power-ups to help you along the way. You need to blast to activate them and if used right they will help you finish the level better faster.

In Solo mode there are 3 packs each containing 3 themed worlds and 45 levels. A starring system has been added to track your Polyblast performance and progress. You will need to accumulate a set number of stars to move on to the next pack. If you don’t have the required number of stars, you can always go back to earlier levels and give it another shot at a better score or you can unlock the pack for $0.99.

Find yourself hung up on a level and in need of more blasts? We have added a recharge button to help you out. Each time you recharge, you will get +5 blast in each shooting point – they might come in handy on those stubborn levels!

Last but not least, the multi-player is there for the most competitive at heart. A player can challenge an opponent to a Polyblast dual on the same device! Each player plays from one end of the device screen and shoots toward a shared target. The player with the most won rounds wins the competition!

Keep an eye out for the Seasons section – it includes our latest Christmas themed levels and there will be more exciting themed updates coming your way soon!

The Polyblast update is available on the iTunes store starting Thursday, January 28th!