Princess and Unicorn – Hurry up, and save the Princess!

Double-jump your way to the top of the world, and cheat death.

Collect coins along the way, and use these coins to upgrade the Unicorn to jump higher and run faster.

But that is not all. After having collected enough coins, you can pay new Unicorns to join the ranks. The Pink unicorn filled with love and candy-floss, will be a most welcome addition to the ranks of Unicorns with a dedication to saving the Princess. The Rainbow Unicorn will sweeten your day with all the lovely colors of the Rainbow

The game is connected to Google play, so you will be able to compete against your friends.

Tap twice on the screen to double jump
Carry the Princess to the castle for a handsome reward
Upgrade your Unicorn with coins collected while playing
Unlock new Unicorns for an even richer experience
Powerjumps will make the Unicorn skyrocket with a superjump