Principia: Master of Science out now (Video)

Playism is excited to announce that Principia: Master of Science is now available on Early Access on Playism and Steam!

Principia: Master of Science

Based in 17th Century Europe, Principia: Master of Science is a simulation game based around science. Choose from 12 real scientists from the era of Sir Isaac Newton and proceed with your research to make discoveries that will have people talking about you for years to come. There are six research topics: “Astronomy”, “Physics”, “Thermodynamics”, “Biology”, “Optics”, “Mathematics”. Explore, research and discover, then submit your findings to the Royal Society of Sciences in order to reach an outcome before any of your rivals.

From a time when the word “Science” didn’t exist, can you become the Master of Science?

•12 scientists to choose from
•A range of things to discover
•6 areas of research
•Songs performed by a real string quartet
•Follows history rather closely