Pukk, Itatake’s ice cold runner, launched on iOS

Pukk is a treasure hunter in search for gold way up north in Sweden. This ice cool and unique runner lets you smash your way through challenging levels looking super swag or utterly ridiculous!

Pukk is the Swedish studio Itatake’s fourth game so far, and it is a runner with unique mechanics where the main goal is to collect gold. During the gameplay, you smash as many blocks as you can to get the gold inside and to level up. Higher level means new types of blocks to smash, power ups to pick up and more gold opportunities.

‒ We wanted to make an easy and engaging runner like game with unique game mechanics and a gameplay based on levels, says Itatake’s Creative Lead Mattias Granat. During gameplay you try to collect as much gold as you can before a polar bear catches and hugs you lovingly.

The second part of the game is to use your gold to open loot boxes to get all kinds of fun and crazy body parts and styling items.

‒ We have made a lot of parts and items so you will be able to create fantastic Pukks, Mattias continues.

Pukk is free to download and free to play, with the options to activate ads or buy Premium Edition to maximise the experience. There is no micro transactions in the game.