Free runner game Froggy Ribbit launched today (Video)

Froggy Ribbit launched on iOS and Android for free. Escape the French chef from turning you into the ‘Plat du jour: Soupe de Grenouille’!  

Get Froggy Ribbit now for free via the iOS store and Google Play store.  
The game: 
“Welcome delicious Froggy, don’t you dare to escape my kitchen! I have a magnificent French recipe in mind for my guests tonight… .Plat du jour ‘Soupe de Grenouille’! ” 
“Quick, he’s gone…. Jump! No not on the stinky cheese..bleh.. Watch out that cat is evil..! Ooh no the Chef is coming back…!! Baguettes are flying!” 
Froggy Ribbit is a playful runner game where you take control of a frog that tries to escape the horrid fate of becoming Frog Soup. Outrun the Chef, harass him with mustard, jump over kitchen utensils, avoid hazards, and dodge his soup-ladle on your way to freedom! 

Full version features:
Escape from hell’s kitchen; jump your way out of three different scenes
Set the record; frogleg it and eat those French flies
Customize your look; make sure you’re toadly awesome
Give your master chef a make-over; dress ‘m up as the king of hop
Be the frog; drag, jump, dodge and eat your way out  

For more information, please visit Froggy Ribbit in the iOS and Google Play store.