Pulse-Pounding Platformer RunGunJumpGun (Video)

Nightmare-inducing independent video game developers and (possible) clones ThirtyThree Games release their critically acclaimed debut game on iOS and Android today, with the help of profiteering snake oil salesmen and thoroughly respectable publisher guys at Gambitious Digital Entertainment.
Set in a warped space-opera universe full of bizarre characters and even more bizarre visuals, RunGunJumpGun is a 2D retro action platformer revolving around one very big, gravity-defying gun, controlled with two simple touches: one to shoot your ass skywards, avoiding spikes, saws and death traps, and the other to blast forward through obstacles, turrets and MORE SAWS. A breakneck pace and speedy respawns keep players moving every second in a mad dash to survive. The action never stops.

Bursting off the screen with pulsing neon visuals and a hyperkinetic soundtrack, RunGunJumpGun features over 120 meticulous levels of merciless mayhem across three unique worlds, each with their own distinct challenges that demand quick thinking and twitch reflexes to master. There are also loads of shiny pickups to strive for and a globally ranked marathon mode for fearless players who want the ultimate skill-driven thrill.
RunGunJumpGun is also available for PC and MAC on Steam.