Punch Out Your Opponent In ‘Stay Dead Evolution’ (Video)

Stay Dead released to critical acclaim and was praised by press for its action-packed gameplay reinventing the classic genre of full motion video (FMV) games. Today, indie game developer Brucefilm is proud to announce Stay Dead Evolution as the official continuation of the series and challenges players to knock out their opponents on their Android™ device and on PC via STEAM™.

Stay Dead Evolution will change your perception of interactive entertainment. Your task is to defeat enemies in an intense fighting experience. For the first time ever, you get to experience in high-quality FMV footage on your Android™ device what it feels like to be the hero of a commercial “B-movie” with all its fun and thrills. Do you have the skills, speed and accuracy to win the fight?

Stay Dead Evolution is a complete redesign and improvement from its predecessor and includes action-packed gameplay, seamless movie interaction, a never-seen-before freedom of movement for the genre, and great features with stunning footage offering an evolutionary improvement to the classic games of the 90s.

ü 4 different martial arts
ü 4 unique environments
ü 50 moves to master
ü Multiple modes of difficulty