Quasara – The Sci-Fi Fighter That Relies on SKILL! (Video)

Hello, there! My name is Ben Carswell and I’m a developer making a PC/Mac game, a sci-fi-themed fighter. It consists of a variety of different characters that have their own unique play-styles and sets of special abilities. Rather than combos being a collection of certain keys being pressed in a particular amount of time, combos rely on single moves and your creativity as well as movement-prediction. The game has its own set of original audio tracks and a colorful cast of voices, and the colorful stages and palettes of the characters really creates a large combination of gameplay options.

An online multiplayer option is being developed for it, so you can battle your friends from across the world as well as in the same room!

The entire game is being developed by me, with some help for voices and a couple of music tracks. It’s been almost 3 years now and completion is just so close, but some support and the word finally getting out there for it would be fantastic.

Website –  http://twisted4kstudios.weebly.com/