R-Type Dimensions, ‘EX’ edition now exists on iOS

R-Type™ Dimensions EX is entering a new dimension as Tozai Games has launched the influential arcade classic on iOS devices today, giving shmup fans around the world the ability to take down the Bydos while on the go.

The mobile version of R-Type™ Dimensions EX includes almost everything* fans can experience in the console versions of the game. This includes both arcade classics that were initially published by Irem, R-Type (1987) and R-Type II (1989), the option to play with classic or improved audio and visuals, new game modes, and more.

The key features of R-Type™ Dimensions EX include:
●   Two Classic Games in One – All original levels from both R-Type and R-Type II featuring the challenging gameplay players can expect from the classic franchise
●   Improved Audio & Visuals – Choose between 2D graphics and classic music or upgraded 3D graphics and reworked music with a simple button press
●   Infinity and Beyond – Conquer the Bydos with an infinite fleet of ships in Infinite Mode and learn the ins and outs of each stage with Stage Select
●   Slow Motion for Me – Bob and weave through enemy projectiles using the slow-motion button or speed things up with the fast-forward button and challenge your cat-like reflexes
●   iOS Modified Features – Fight to be the best R-Type player in the world through online rankings and earn a variety of achievements

R-Type™ Dimensions EX is now available on the App Store for $4.99.