Ragtag Adventurers, fully launched on Windows PC (Steam)

Ragtag Adventurers, a boss rush game by Prime Time Studio – first game developer from Bosnia ever to have their game published on Steam (Windows PC) – has left Early Access after only two months.

Ragtag Adventurers was built around one of the core mechanics of many popular games from the MMO and RPG genre – boss fights. In it, you get to choose one of the four “stereotypical” fantasy roles; tank, melee DPS, ranged DPS or healer to combat various fearsome bosses.

The main inspiration for Ragtag Adventurers was the ever-popular World of Warcraft and the many dungeon and raid boss encounters it featured over the years. Not standing in fire, avoiding incoming missiles and blinking away from dangerous boss maneuvers are just some of the features veteran RPG players will recognize while playing this game.

Ragtag Adventurers is playable via keyboard or a XInput controller. It features several game modes; with other people, you can play online multiplayer or old school hotseats of up to four players. If you prefer playing alone you can try multiplayer with the help of on AI bots or a solo mode where you get to change heroes on the fly. The current hero roster includes:

  • Tank – a hero with a literal metal barrier for a face. His duties are protecting his allies, taking damage to his face and taunting the bosses by ass-slapping himself.
  • Fighter – a melee damage dealer from the depths of hell, she punches anyone who stands in her way.
  • Healer – a paladin specialized in the holy art of healing. He uses his divine magic to prevent others heroes from certain demise.
  • Bunny mage – a range glass cannon who specializes in bunny magic, launching burning and frozen rabbits at his foes and blinking around the map like crazy.