Reach the Sky is a simple yet addicting mobile game (Video)

‘Reach the Sky’ is a simple yet addicting mobile game that tests your timing and accuracy. The goal is to help the little red dude to, well – Reach the Sky! To help our tiny protagonist achieve his mission, he must jump from one platform to another with the help of his handy dandy rope! The players must tap their screens at the right moment as these platforms change in movement speed, size and distance between you and your current starting point.

Here are the main features that Reach the Sky captivates you with:

◆ Impossible gameplay (almost). Reach the Sky has an endless gameplay in theory, but in reality you’ll be lucky to survive 30 seconds. Simply tap on the screen to shoot a rope and try to target the sky bridges above. Miss and game’s over. The further you advance, the more difficult the game will become.

◆ Clean retro graphics. The game features a clean and beautiful pixel-perfect design that lets you focus on the actual gameplay not useless eye-candy. With a touch of Minecraft’s design style, you\’ll enjoy this frustratingly-addictive game.

◆ Physics effects. Each sky bridge you must reach moves with a different speed, at random heights and some are breakable. This isn\’t a simple game of tap and play, you must estimate a trajectory of the rope to advance otherwise you\’ll fail miserably.

◆ Challenge yourself. The main goal in Reach the Sky is to get the highest possible score against the toughest competitor, YOURSELF.

Graphics and Feels

The whole setting is very light and charming, utilizing pixel graphics combined with a few pastel colors. It’s the right way to go since the game could get a little bit frustrating, especially during the first few tries. The calm and charming textures and retro feels masks the difficulty of the game – a perfect balance.


If you’ve played ‘Flappy Bird’, then you’ll probably have an idea on how this game will make you feel. Although it’s not time pressured, it’s more heavily reliant on giving you more room to time your taps well and reading the speed, size and distance of the next platform.