Reconquest, StormCube Games’ real-time strategy game is released (Video)

Combining the classic RTS style of old with modern technological sensibilities, Reconquest reminds you of the halcyon days of Mammoth Tanks and Spice, while at the same time bringing more than enough of its individuality and uniqueness to the table to make it more than just an exercise in nostalgia.

Set after the Third World War, Reconquest sees players enter a world where mankind was close to extinction. This post-apocalyptic wasteland is beset with outlaws and general bad bastards, all of whom have to be eliminated if the earth is to be reconquered. How do you do that? Simple: make better strategic decisions than your opponent, and make sure you’re in control of the most valuable resource still in existence: radioactive shale gas.

Players can test their strategic mettle in three different game modes, each offering a different way to reconquer the devastated planet. A fully-fledged campaign mode offers the main meat of Reconquest, with a whopping 20 missions across two different sides – that’s 10 for team one, the urban forces, and 10 for team two, the outlaw clan.

Each side has its own unique missions to tackle and storyline to work through, with both the urban forces and the outlaw clan working towards different goals – one you can have a hand in helping come to fruition.

There’s also a skirmish mode in the classic sense of the RTS’s we all love and remember, which allows players to compete against up to three other AI-controlled teams on eight different maps. It’s the perfect way to hone your strategic skills, or just while away a bit of time blasting things into post-apocalyptic dust.

Finally there’s Trapped mode, in which players can choose from eight pre-set challenges to work their way through – or around, or over…