Red Game Without a Great Name is out now!

Will your fingers burn!? Test your skills in one of the most demanding games on the iOS!

Red Game Without a Great Name is out now!

You can get your copy for €2,99/ $2,99/£2,29 on the App Store. (No hidden payments, no microtransactions)

Fly, Die, Retry!

Red Game Without a Great Name – a demanding arcade puzzle game, where you control a mechanical bird in his quest to deliver secret messages, has been kindly welcomed by the gaming community and game critics all around the globe. It has been nominated for the Indie Prize Showcase at the Casual Connect USA 2015.

About the game:
You control the teleporting bird using touch and swipe mechanics. The levels you have to complete are filled with traps, so a good deal of reflexes and fast planning will be a must. Pick up gears on your way to fully master the game.

– Simple to grasp, hard to master game mechanic
– 60 levels filled with traps to overcome
– 180 gears to collect
– 3 power-ups to enhance your abilities
– Unique art style dominated by red
– One more attempt syndrome

To watch the launch trailer follow the link below:

Or watch the gameplay that has been recorded using Everyplay technology.

At the start of each level you can activate Everyplay to record the game, as well as the feedback from your camera. We can’t wait to see the priceless reactions of people who struggle to complete their run! Remember to share those glorious moments with the rest of us!

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