RES Plus console for $39.99 will be available August 10

With demand at an all-time high for classic video games, Retro-Bit®, a leading retro-gaming brand announced its new RES™ Plus console for $39.99 will be available August 10, 2017.  A premium top-loading video game console for all your favorite 8-bit games, the RES Plus boasts a crisp 720p resolution with new HDMI® compatibility to play your NES® games like never before.

Innex Inc®, an exclusive distributor of Retro-Bit®, is excited to unveil the brand’s latest console. “With many of today’s consoles being compatible with HDMI® televisions creating a high demand among the gaming community, it was the logical next step for Retro-Bit to enhance their already impressive lineup of consoles,” Ron Pang, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Innex Inc. “The RES Plus is giving all the classics a big upgrade, and I believe fans are going to be amazed at receiving a high-quality gaming experience at a reasonable price of $39.99.”

Easy to set-up right out of the box thanks to both the standard AV and HDMI® ports, the black and red RES™ Plus comes with a 6-foot HDMI® cable and two 6-foot wired classic controllers that are compatible with the original NES®, as well as most Retro-Bit® consoles.  A new micro USB® charging port helps power the console and adds yet another sensible modern upgrade.

The RES™ Plus will be released on August 10, 2017 for $39.99 and pre orders are now available at Amazon.