Revolt-arena, a furious racing game, out on iOS – August 17, 2017

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY is glad to announce that Revolt-arena – a furious and exciting racing game – is going to be out on iOS all over the world on 17th August, 2017!

Revolt is a racing game that is impossible to put down. Racers can go head-to-head in thrilling speed competitions, or try out the relaxing yet riveting story mode. Meanwhile, car lovers can collect dozens of road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and rally cars!

The bodies and accessories of our vehicles are all created with 3D models and look as real as they can get. You’ll be awed as you watch your car perform all sorts of exciting actions: accelerating, colliding into others, drifting… Every race is visually and audibly pleasing. Enjoy the breathtaking speed and endless excitement in Revolt, where you can drift to your heart’s content!


  • Multiplayer competitions at max speed

Distant-view visual effects, physical collisions, motion blurring… all in high definition. These insane visual and audio special effects will provide you the most thrilling gaming experience possible.

  • Modify, upgrade and personalize your race cars

With all those race courses in different environments, you’ll need tons of different cars. We’ve prepared over 40 race cars of 3 types: road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and rally cars, for you to choose from. And with more than 120 decoration stickers and 2,000 spray paint designs, you’ll have no trouble making your beloved race cars stand out on the race course!

  • Diverse and customizable race car controls

Our race car control mode makes it very simple for players to come up with their own customized ways to drive their cars. With 16 options, you can control your car by sliding buttons, tilting the device, using the device as a steering wheel, tapping and swiping on the screen, and more. Control acceleration and brakes swiftly and easily, and enjoy helpful functions such as steering and braking assisting, sensitivity control, and auto-navigation. Enjoy a highly optimized racing experience!

Now, start out running to challenge yourself!
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