StellarHub, a starbase management game, available August 17, 2017

Casualogic is happy to announce that StellarHub, their new starbase management game, will be available August 17, 2017 in both English and Russian language on Steam (Windows PC).

As a Space Captain embarked on a pioneering mission to build new homes for humans among the stars, your job is to build a safe and functional space station and deal with all the challenges of managing a station crew. You’ll be tasked with a range of responsibilities in order to survive the harshness of life in space. These include construction, extraction of resources, research, trade, hosting tourists, defense and, of course, taking care of everyone’s health and needs.

Key features:

  • 30 different modules to choose from including solar panels, research labs, crew quarters, organic farms, greenhouses and many more.
  • Six worlds with different playing conditions (sun and meteor activity, the presence of space pirates, resource amount and placement, etc)
  • A wide range of different crew roles to service your station (workers, cleaners, miners, technicians, scientists, medics, botanists, etc.)
  • Each character has their unique profession and skills. The system of emotions influences their state and needs.
  • The “Scientific Research Map” unlocks special bonuses and technologies for a deeper personalization of your station environment.
  • Steam achievement system and Steam trading cards.