Rise of Balloons is now available!

Mirum Studio launches its new game, Rise of Balloons, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Rise of Balloons is a mobile puzzle/adventure game in which players have to spread happiness by distributing balloons in a steampunk city.

Rise of Balloons tries to remind its players that small gestures such as giving a balloon or smiling are all it takes to change someone else’s day. Paying it forward is important, as you cannot possibly finish the game without giving balloons to many kids. Here is his principals features:

•Head-wracking puzzles with many solutions. Use your balloons wisely!
•Adventure through a gloomy industrial city. Feel the sadness that you try to repel!
•Multiple balloon types allow you to fly, destroy obstacles or glue stuff together!
•Controls designed for a touch screen. Play through the game with a single finger!
•Listen to beautifully composed music by Productions Musique Nordique!
“Awarded for the great content of Mirum Studio’s application, the quality of their game and its marketing potential, Catapulte 2016’s selection committee wishes to award an honorable mention to their game Rise of Balloons!”