Primal Legends: The First Strategy CCG/Competitive Match-3 Hybrid (Video)

Kobojo is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its new strategy collectible card game, Primal Legends – arriving soon on the App Store and Google Play. Assemble your team of heroes and save the world of Theria from those who seek to destroy it in this exciting new twist on the Match-3 genre!

Theria was a peaceful place until the Stones of Power fell from the sky. Chaos spread across the world as the stones began to corrupt every animal they touched. Now it is up to the player to build an army of brave warriors to restore order to the world…

Blending classic Match-3 mechanics, deck building and turn-based strategy combat elements, Primal Legends has players battle their way across 150 levels and 8 game modes; discover more than 50 heroes; and fight online opponents through real-time PvP combat.

Players recruit heroes with unique abilities that can be unleashed on the battlefield with devastating results. However, not all heroes deal direct damage: Some heal or protect soldiers, while others increase their attack power or assassinate enemy heroes. As players win and unlock reward chests, they’ll be able to level-up their heroes, improve their abilities, and apply unique strategies and synergies. Cooperation with friends will be key, since it will allow players to complete their collection of champions and unlock their full potential.

Winning requires strategic thinking and tactical know-how: Players will have to find the right balance between matching minions against enemy forces and summoning heroes’ super powers.

“Primal Legends is the first truly competitive Match-3 game out there,” says Charlotte Lavergne, executive producer at Kobojo. “With tactical combat, Match-3 elements, and CCG-style deck building, we want to reinvent the genre for players who are anything but ‘casual.’ We can’t wait to see the awesome strategies people come up with – particularly in PvP!”

Key Features
l Epic adventure: Persevere through the trials of Theria in over 150 levels.
l Incredible duels: Challenge players from around the world in real-time PvP modes.
l Deck building: Adapt your strategy and build the strongest army. Evolve your heroes to unleash their full potential!
l Innovative core gameplay: Easy to learn, but hard to master – using a blend of both classic Match-3 and collectible card game mechanics.
l Many heroes to discover: Meet the latest heroes and learn about their powers!

Pricing & Availability
Primal Legends will launch soon on the App Store and Google Play. The game will be free to download and play, and it will include in-app purchases.