RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos battling it out on mobile devices

Section Studios launches its first studio title with RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos . Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store April 5th, 2018,  players around the world can start playing in competitive PVP games.

RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos brings its take on the Strategy Tower Rush genre popularized by Supercell’s, Clash Royale. In RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos, players battle in real-time PVP matches by deploying Champions and Spells to overtake their opponent’s towers.  An extra layer of control is introduced with RIVAL’s Leader system. RIVAL Leaders allow players to gain a unique active or passive ability for game-changing moments in battle.

With over 30 unique champions and spells, RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos aims to provide depth and strategy for its players. New units are introduced every month along with events, game modes and features.
RIVAL: Crimson x Chaos is the first original game from Los Angeles based development team, Section Studios. The team has worked on a wide breadth of games from AAA titles God of War, Call of Duty, and League of Legends to indie favorites such as Tinertia and Awake.

Google Play Store: Download for Android

Apple App Store: Download for iOS or search “rival”