Rocket Drop – Now available for iOS

Rocket Drop, the first title from sc0tt games, is now available for iPad and iPhone devices.

Rocket Drop is an endless, first-person, arcade score-attack skydiving game…with rockets. The game begins with your character leaping from an airplane, collecting fuel in mid-air to survive. You can use the tilt controls and your jet pack to maneuver in the air while missiles are fired at you. Performing risky stunts as you avoid the missiles will increase your score.

Rocket Drop was originally released for Android and Windows Phone two weeks ago, but was recently released for iPad and iPhone on May 23rd.

“There are lots of endless style arcade games out there, but there’s never been anything quite as zany or inventive as Scott Games’ insane new skill based action title Rocket Drop.”

“The game can please the players with good graphics, responsive controls and an original idea.”

The launch trailer can be viewed here:

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