Rocket Lolly Games release early gameplay video; announce plans to take ‘The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me’ To Kickstarter (Video)

Independent game studio, Rocket Lolly Games LTD, today release their first footage of their upcoming free-to-play game The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me, slated for release in 2017.

The game will offer a unique take on a rhythm action dancing game by making the most of the touch screen found on tablet and mobile devices; something the team hopes will feel sensuous and delightful. Players will be able to create their own dance routines, allowing them to express themselves, and then share that with friends to replicate or even improve.

“Central to the joy of The Rocky Horror Show is the amazing audience participation experience. We feel it’s important to bring that key element or sensation into our game” said Oscar Clark, co-director of Rocket Lolly Games.

Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me starts out with Riff Raff as your avatar on the stage set of a Hunting Lodge for Rich Weirdos (Yah, Rich Weirdos!), swiping on the screen in time with the music to that all time classic song, The Time Warp! Players ‘dance’ by swiping on the screen with diagonal strokes in time with the music; switching to other gestures at key moments such as double finger swipes to make the pelvic thrust… a move which ‘really drives you insane’.

Players will then progress through the game, unlocking new songs, characters, dance moves, stage sets and more; with missions, challenges and achievements to keep the game exciting time and time again.

At least that’s what the team wants to build. Making a game based on a beloved IP is a big responsibility, so Rocket Lolly Games plans to involve the Rocky Horror and gaming communities in its ongoing development. The studio has raised enough investment for the basic game but, in order to really do justice to the IP, they need additional funds, and the support and input from the games and Rocky Horror community. For that, Rocket Lolly plans to bring the game to Kickstarter. With assistance from marketing firm Five Leaf Clover, the campaign is slated to launch campaign on April 27th.

“Whether you’re a lover of Rocky Horror or a lover of great gameplay, we need your help us make this game the ‘wild and untamed thing’… and in particular so we can continue to release new characters, new gameplay, and variations of the different eras and styles of the music from the show,” said Ella Romanos, co-director of Rocket Lolly Games. “We have enough to make the basic game with a certain naïve charm, but not the muscle and juicy bits. There are few communities as engaged and committed as Rocky Horror and gaming fans. We need to channel that amazing community support to make this game everything it could and should be.”

Rocket Lolly Games have a range of fantastic Rocky Horror goodies planned for their Kickstarter, including some rare and exciting items related to the original show. For more details about the game and its crowd-funding campaign, people are encouraged to sign up for their mailing list which can be found at