Rocket Crisis release for Android

Danish developer Triple Rocket is pleased to announce its first game, Rocket Crisis, for Android release 27/6/2014.

Rocket Crisis is an arcade shooter game where you take the role of missile commander, defending cities of the world against massive attacks. With a simple tap-to-shoot interface, the game is easy to enter but rewards skill and timing in your attacks.

Manage your supply of missiles as multiple types of enemies try to destroy your city, either in the storyline of 38 Campaign Mode levels or in endless Challenge Mode. Progressing through the game, you buy upgrades for your attack and defense, to counter the increasing enemies.

The game features intense action, fast decision-making, and beautiful comic-style graphics.

Rocket Crisis is initially released as a free game for Android phones and tablets, and a later iOS version will follow, with release date to be announced.

Game trailer:
Rocket Crisis Website:

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