ROLLING THUNDER Micro Player & BUBBLE BOBBLE Pocket Player Available

 My Arcade, a leading manufacturer in licensed retro gaming collectibles, announced today the launch of its BUBBLE BOBBLE™ Pocket Player and ROLLING THUNDER™ Micro Player. These latest additions to My Arcade’s retro collectable lineup can be purchased at and select retailers at MSRP $34.99 each.

The officially licensed products – ROLLING THUNDER™ from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and BUBBLE BOBBLE™ from TAITO Corporation – contain a mix of iconic classics seeing new life as modern collectables. The BUBBLE BOBBLE™ Pocket Player features three-games-in-one, including the hard to find RAINBOW ISLANDS™: THE STORY OF BUBBLE BOBBLE 2, while the ROLLING THUNDER™ Micro Player is a standalone arcade cabinet designed to sit comfortably on a desk or shelf.

BUBBLE BOBBLE™ Pocket Player [$34.99]: The BUBBLE BOBBLE™ Pocket Player features three games within the BUBBLE BOBBLE™ series including the original BUBBLE BOBBLE™ as well as its hard-to-find sequel BUBBLE BOBBLE PART™ 2. Also included is RAINBOW ISLANDS™: THE STORY OF BUBBLE BOBBLE 2, a cult classic game with unique art and addictive gameplay coveted by collectors and fans of the series. The Pocket Player handheld console features a 2.75” backlit screen, 3.5mm headphone jack, and front-facing speakers for perfect on-the-go play.

ROLLING THUNDER™ Micro Player [$34.99]: The ROLLING THUNDER™ Micro Player is the same arcade cabinet that gamers know and love, scaled down to 6.75” for desktop play. The ROLLING THUNDER™ Micro Player features artwork inspired by the original arcade cabinets as well as a full color, 2.75” screen with volume control and 3.5mm headphone jack.