Rosenkreuzstilette, an action-platformer game (Video)

Rosenkreuzstilette is an action-platformer game in which you step into the shoes of Spiritia Rosenberg, a virtuous young woman caught on the wrong side of a revolution instigated by her closest friends. Each of the game’s seventeen stages is filled with treacherous terrain and swarms of enemies ready to make quick work of our plucky young heroine. Guide Spiritia safely to the boss at the end of each stage and use all of the abilities at your disposal to knock some sense into them.

•A loving tribute to the legends of gaming
•Classic action-platformer gameplay and challenge
•Stunning modern-retro visuals
•A gorgeous soundtrack
•A surprisingly deep story, faithfully localized by Darksquid Media
•Password saves for that old-school feel
•Screenshot & replay functions for sharing your achievements
•Rebuilt and touched up some graphics
•New modes and secrets
•Added real-time subtitles for all spoken dialogue