Safari School is First in a Series of Ad-free Educational Games by IntellectoKids (Video)

IntellectoKids made its debut into the kids’ educational game market today with the unveil of Safari School – a new game that takes preschoolers on an enchanting train adventure to learn colors, sorting and counting.

IntellectoKids’ mission is to help parents find quality, ad-free learning apps for their preschoolers that deliver screen time that is equal parts fun and learning. Safari School is the first in a pipeline of preschool apps that teach core logic skills and help children practice essential skills to boost early learning and get a solid head start in preparation for school.

Core to IntellectoKids’ tenants and elemental to the new Safari School educational game are:

•      Designed by early learning experts that grow and scale with children as they master key academic skills.
•      Flexible for families with multiple children and varying aptitudes. Three age settings for children 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6 years old.
•      Always safe and ad free – never any in-app purchases.
•      Personalized learning reports delivered to parents on Facebook Messenger for celebrating successes and pinpointing growth opportunities.
•      Teach core logic skills and the foundations for math and reading.

“Born swiping, tapping and clicking, 97 percent of children under 4 have access to mobile devices 1 and IntellectoKids endeavors to deliver quality, ad-free educational games like Safari School that not only make screen time valuable, but help ready children for school,” said Mike Kotlov, CEO and Co-founder of IntellectoKids.

Safari School by IntellectoKids is available for $1.99 at Google Play, App Store or Amazon.