Who says you need experience to rule a country? In Serafina’s Crown, young Odell Perin is suddenly named regent of her homeland of Darzia and thrust into the intrigue and danger of managing court politics. In this English language visual novel, Odell must balance the interests of the ruling houses, appeal to the wild gods of the land, and solve the murder of the previous queen. Serafina’s Crown is available today on Steam after being greenlit by the community.

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The sequel to the PC/Mobile visual novel, Serafina’s Saga, Serafina’s Crown takes place seven years after the end of the mismanaged reign of King Kallias Jeridar. For a time, there was peace. But when the new monarch of Darzia, Queen Belatrix Grandil, dies mysteriously she leaves an empty throne and a court full of potential suspects.

Players take on the role of Odell Perin, the only Darzian noble with a solid alibi for the murder and, until now, nothing to gain from the death of the Queen. Despite her inexperience and unfamiliarity with the land, Odell is named regent until the court can root out the regicide.

As Odell, players will investigate the murder, mediate disputes between the great houses of Darzia, and preside over court during debates. Every choice Odell makes will affect the standing of the houses and their influence over the land. During debates, Odell will side with one house and argue their position before the court.

•Multiple Endings: Odell’s choices will affect the fate of the kingdom, including the next monarch
•Stats and Allegiances: Decisions also change Odell’s affinity towards the wild gods of Darzia and the relative power of the other nobles on the court
•Debate Mini-Game: Debates are decided through a mini-game affected by Odell’s accumulated stats and the favor she has curried with the great houses
•Optional Romances: Odell can find a pleasant distraction with several of the nobles, if she chooses
Serafina’s Crown is the third visual novel from Woodsy Studio and the second to appear on Steam, following the sci-fi adventure Quantum Conscience. It launches this week with a 15% initial discount.

“I was invested in the major storyline and Odell was a great choice to lead the tale.”
7/10 – VNs now

“This is definitely not going to be a game for action adventure loving gamers, but there is something about this game that if you’re looking for political intrigue and maybe a little bit of love/lust, you might be interested to go through the game.”
7.9/10 – Altered Confusion

“The characters are living in a fantasy world unlike our own, and yet it feels real.”
C – Technology Tell