Echohead Games’ founder and Creative Director Matt Cox (Scribblenauts, Destroy All Humans, Sticky Bees) brings ShapeRockets, a minimalist arcade first-person shooter experience based literally on “rock-paper-scissors,” to the PC world today.

“ShapeRockets is our first small step in a much bigger picture,” says Cox. “We wanted to first show that we like to twist and bend genres with a small title everyone can play whether you like traditional shooters or more left-field indie fare.”

With its minimalist fireworks-like art style, ShapeRockets invites players to choose rock, paper, or scissors shape as their character. The simple objective is to destroy your shape’s prey with the single rocket weapon or escape from the predator shape and its rockets! (Rock beats scissors. Scissors beats paper. Paper beats rock.)

While there is a small team already at work on Echohead’s next project, Cox developed ShapeRockets on his own. With a Fall season full of big name releases, the studio believes there is always room for ShapeRockets.

“If Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are dinner, then ShapeRockets is dessert,” says Cox. “We know it’s a triple-A shooter season, but we believe ShapeRockets is a complimentary addition to your shooter catalogue.”

In addition to the main online multiplayer mode, ShapeRockets ships with two offline modes, a tutorial that boasts a micro-story, and the new “Endurance” mode where players have ten lives to kill the most stationary sentinel shapes.

“Endurance is quite an intense gauntlet,” says Cox. “It’s a perfect offline mode to train yourself to keep moving or die. Strafing and changing shape are essential to winning online.”

ShapeRockets can be purchased today on Steam for $7.99 and it comes with 55 Steam achievements and various leaderboards. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions will follow at a to-be-announced time.