2020! (Game for #EyeTestChallenge) Now Available on Android (Video)

After being consistently on Top Charts in iTunes stores, Jumping Pixel Games team ported the game to Android platform to make it available across all stores.

This version of the game has maintained the interesting game play of the original game while significantly improving the challenge.

Inspired by the KuKu Kube game, challenge in this game is to distinguish the slightly different hue of the odd tile among several similar tiles.
As the number of tiles increases and the hue difference become vague, the game becomes more and more challenging.

People across the globe are challenging their friends with the #EyeTestChallenge, which became a trend on many social platforms as gamers of all the ages shared there score challenging each other.

The game has been developed by Jumping Pixel Games which is renowned for making titles as Chain Reaction and The Impossible Puzzle.
·         Available across all mobile platforms.
·         Flat Colors.
·         Challenge friends through social sharing
·         Simplistic game play.

2020! is now available for FREE on Android and iTunes stores.