“Sky Monkeys” for iOS and Android

Sky Monkeys game for the iOS and android is now available on the App store and Google Play


The assignment was simple! The rising population of monkeys from one area had to be redistributed. So the Wildlife department decided to get hold of thousands of monkeys and dispatch them in batches to areas with lower monkey population by cargo planes. The one target they had in mind was to achieve a better harmony of specie populations in multiple habitats. But what they forgot was the fact that there were hundreds of parachutes in the cargo planes, stored in the inventory department.

Once the monkeys figured out the whole issue they decided they were not leaving their home. So they put on the parachutes and started jumping out of the plane. It was right in the middle of the fall that they realized that the parachutes did not open by themselves…and which button to press, they could not find out! It is now up to you to help the falling monkeys by opening the parachutes or they fall flat on the ground and get killed. 
When their old jungle mates saw them falling from the planes, out of joy, they started throwing fruit at them.

The falling monkeys, starved for days, tried to catch hold of the fruit but then realized that the only way they wont miss the target would be if the parachute opens AFTER they got the fruit. So keep that in mind when you open the parachutes…

Hundreds of them died in the campaign but those who survived and made it back home became the most celebrated and revered band of jungle inmates ever. The natives called them the Sky Monkeys.

•- Universal app for all iOS devices
•- Compatible with most Android devices
•- iOS7 compatible
•- iPhone 5C/5S widescreen support
•- HD and Retina Display support
•- Twitter integration
•- Simple intuitive controls and immersive gameplay
•- Speed launching.
•- Fun interface with great music, graphics and SFX

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