Sky Pets Dives to Mobile

Subliminal Gaming is excited to announce that it’s latest game “Sky Pets” will be released to iOS and Android on October 8th, 2015 for $1.99 USD.

Let the Fur Fly with Sky Pets! Sky Pets is a high-flying action arcade game for mobile.
The stars have fallen from space and ripped apart the earth, so it’s up to our furry friends to return the stars and save the day. Tilt to glide your pet through hazardous skies filled with enemies, floating islands, and spiked blocks.

Pets do amazing things. They can cuddle, they can say “I Love You”, they can even play keyboard. In Sky Pets our furry friends will soar high and perform death-defying acts in the name of fun. In Sky Pets they will whiz past floating earth, dodge crazed airplanes, and come face to face with fire-breathing dragons.

You can design your own unique pet with the Sky Pets Maker. Create cute cats, handsome dogs, grumpy bears, and even ugly monsters with a variety of customisations to express your pet’s personality.

Sky Pets features:
Tilt your phone to glide your pet past spikes and floating islands Create your own furry friend in the Sky Pet Maker Grab the diamonds in each level for extra points and extra challenge Dive through 4 worlds across 36 levels Share videos of your greatest sky dives with your friends

Sky Pets is coming out to iOS and Android devices on October 8th.

Learn more about the game and watch the trailer at our website.

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