‘Slayaway Camp’ Slaughtering Onto Steam This Halloween (Video)

80’s-style “Killer Puzzle” to Make a Deluxe Debut on October 25th.

After a hit launch on web gaming portal Kongregate, Blue Wizard Digital’s debut title, Slayaway Camp, is set to start slashing on Steam soon… really soon.

Presented in distressingly cute isometric voxels, gamers control Skullface, a psychotic murderer intent on taking his revenge on the teenage camp counselors of the titular wilderness institution. Half sliding-block logic puzzle, half blood-spraying homage to 80’s trash horror, Slayaway Camp is 100% “killer puzzle.”

Slayaway Camp is the brainchild of indie-game legends old and new. PopCap co-founder Jason Kapalka brought his long-suppressed bloodlust and fondness for tile-based puzzles to a collaboration with Ido Yehieli, Berlin-based creator of roguelikes such as Cardinal Quest 1 and 2. They were later joined by Nate Schmold, the creator of quirky indie hit Cosmochoria (about which Pewdiepie said, “arrrrhgglllbarrrgllle!”).

After the game snagged high ratings and rave reviews in its web form on Kongregate this August, the Blue Wizard brain trust reflected on the fans’ requests to bring the game to Steam in a more deluxe format. “We realized it appealed to a lot of hardcore gamers, who wanted a premium PC version with enhanced graphics and content, without ads and other free-to-play distractions,” says Kapalka. “Plus, targeting Steam allows us to make the game more extreme than ever… the deluxe version will include all-new NC-17 versions of the Slayaway Camp films, including the shower scenes infamously censored by Canadian authorities.’”

The game includes cameos from cult figures in the gaming and horror scenes, including Mark Meer (of Mass Effect), Derek Mears (Friday the 13th), and the Soska Sisters (American Mary, Hellevator). It will be launching by Halloween and will cost $8.99 USD.