Snatch, a radical new AR mobile game

Snatch is a radical new AR mobile game that rewards users for playing with their favorite brands. T

Using the powerful augmented reality tech that sits inside everyone’s phone, Snatch is a next-generation mobile game that offers an enhanced and playful view of the world. Players use their cameras to explore the world around them, hunting for parcels containing mystery prizes from Snatch’s brand partners. These are brands which the player has specifically chosen to interact with, ensuring the hidden prize is relevant to each player.

Prizes include products, experiences, subscriptions, discounts and exclusive offers. In late July, Golden Parcels will be released offering players the chance to Snatch cash prizes. Once a parcel has been collected by a player, they’re challenged to protect and defend it from others for six hours in order to unlock the reward, ensuring a fun and engaging gameplay experience before they can access the hidden prize.

Download Snatch on the App Store and Google Play.