Mobile TPS Game ‘Mobile Combat’ – Now Available on Google Play (Video)

Joungmook Choi, Dooyoung Kim) has announced on the 31st that Mobile TPS Game ‘Mobile Combat’ is now available for Android devices on Google Play in Europe 40 countries.

‘Mobile Combat’ is mobile TPS game which is based on Real-Time PVP that squad battle is the main mode. It has already gotten the credit of its fun and game quality through launched in East South Asia 3 countries, Japan and South Korea and also has been preparing Global launching from starting Europe launched.

‘Mobile Combat’ has various battle modes and especially Squad Battle is the core mode with a new feature beyond the overall FPS game.

Users can hire maximum 3 mercenaries and build their own squad, also can swap the squad leader. Each mercenary has its own specialized skills by the weapon type such as Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Machinegun, Medic and is available for growing up the level and grade. So, users can devise a strategy through deploying each mercenary in the squad battle mode.

In addition, Story mode, one of battle mode, has 5 chapters and each chapter includes over 10 stages based on various Mobile Combat’s story line. In Challenge mode, users can challenge the best record through clearing the infinite stages.