‘Solaright’, A Unique Puzzle VR Experience

Zabuza Labs, a leading mobile and PC game development studio, announced today that it has launched its premier game Solaright, a unique zen-like VR puzzle game for Vive on Steam.

In Solaright, the player has to illuminate the tree from a solar power source by solving a series of jigsaw puzzles from simple 3×3 virtual cubes to 4×4 and 5×5 complex cubes as you move ahead in the game.  The VR controller lets you rotate the cube, and understand the puzzle flowing through multiple faces.

 “We are very excited to launch Solaright, a never-seen-before puzzle solving experience with meditative music,” stated Manas Gajare, CEO, Zabuza Labs.“Our experience in mobile puzzle games was adamant, which inspired us to build this engaging title in virtual reality.”

The key to solving tricky puzzles is the ability to have a laser like focus. And the calm and peaceful environment of Solaright sets just the right mood to solve this puzzle game in the virtual world. Incidentally, Solaright is also India’s first VR title for PC & for HTC Vive. With launch of this game hopefully many other gaming studios in India will also join the VR bandwagon soon.

This single player puzzle game can be played in standing, seating or room-scale experience in with 30 challenging levels.

 is available for HTC Vive on the Steam Marketplace today March 13, 2017, for $9.99. Zabuza Labs is offering 15% discount for the first week.