Solitaire Family World, card game with element of landscape decoration

Casual gamers and deco fans can be thrilled: upjers gets off to a flying start in the app stores with Solitaire Family World. The developer and publisher of popular online games created with its newest app the perfect mix of card game and tycoon game.

Lizzy is the heroic character of the game. She wants to create a colorful theme park together with the players of Solitaire Family World, because that was her grandpa’s vision, which he had never been able to bring to reality. Lizzy needs help to achieve this: If the players are able to remove all cards from the playing field they will receive starlets. By doing so, they can set up deco items and improve the theme park as well as continue with the story.

The card game is based on the popular solitaire principle: The cards are to be sorted on a stack, each card followed by either the next higher or the next lower card number until all cards have been used up. It does not matter whether the cards belong to the diamonds, hearts, spades or clubs suit.

Small hindrances like climbing plants or padlocks, which block certain cards, will be added in higher levels. Cards with a bomb on them can also appear and have to be removed before it explodes – players only have a very limited period of time for that.

In addition to the card game setup elements and a background story are also parts of Solitaire Family World. A fairy-tale castle with a baroque garden will be created; a home environment and even a creepy world will include more and more decorations and scenes into the game.

The players can look forward to meet the Corgi Charly, Lizzy’s childhood friend Harry and Lord Blackwell. Now available for iOS and android: Solitaire Family World – The card and decoration game created by upjers!

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About Solitaire Family World

The perfect mix of card game and tycoon game awaits the players in Solitaire Family World. They will start the adventure to create a whimsical theme park together with the main character Lizzy and her Corgi Charly. Buildings, plants and decoration items for this goal will be acquired by winning diversified rounds of the solitaire card game. Each level starts off with the cards arranged in a different pattern and provides new challenges for the players. The background story brings even more excitement into the casual game.