Spooky Door Now Available In Canada, Australia and New Zealand! (Video)

Japan’s Ambition Co., Ltd, after seeing continued overseas success with the launch of their latest simulation game “Dream Girlfriend”, has teamed up with South Korea’s JSC Games Co., Ltd, recipients of the 2013 Google Play Korea Game Award for “The Mansion”, to bring you a brand new style of puzzle adventure, “Spooky Door”.

Following its recent release in Japan, the game has now been made available in English in Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

Spooky Door follows the story of a group of young kids who find themselves lost inside a mysterious abandoned hotel. With the use of a series of odd Gimmicks and Items left strewn around each room, you must find your way to the door and make your escape in this unique and exciting puzzle adventure.

In Create Mode, users are able to make their very own puzzle dungeons, controlling the placement of rooms and Gimmicks, as well as the size and shape of each stage.
Created dungeons can then be uploaded and shared with players all over the world to add an extra layer of challenge to the fun.

Spooky Door is now available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with future releases planned for the US, the UK and the EU!

Get your creative juices flowing and aim for the puzzle dungeon Hall of Fame!

Game Details
Title: Spooky Door
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Payments: In-Game Purchases (items)
Platform: App Store / Google Play
Devices: iOS 7.1 / Android 4.1 or above. (Not all devices supported.)
Language: English / Japanese / Korean
Countries: The USA
The UK
New Zealand
The EU
South Korea

Release: Winter 2015/6