Sprained Hooves, Knotted Trunks: In the Mobile Game „Animal Hospital 3D: Africa” Kids Get to Help Injured Animals

Tivola GmbH, a leading publisher of family entertainment and education apps, today released Animal Hospital 3D: Africa, a mobile management game for the whole family. It’s suitable for kids of ages 7 and up, is available worldwide in 9 languages and can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store, Amazon’s App Shop and Google Play.

Animal Hospital 3D: Africa has already been nominated for the „Best Mobile Kids Game“ at the German Game Developer Awards.

About the game:
Chaos in the savannah! The little Elephant has managed to get his trunk in a knot, the Lions show a strange lack of appetite – and is that a rash on the Hippo’s poor skin? Now only the player can help: As head of an animal hospital in Africa he/she must help the animals to get better. That means diagnosing the correct ailment and treating it right. And that’s not all: The hospital itself needs to be expanded and enhanced.

Much to do – but the easy and intuitive controls of Animal Hospital 3D: Africa make it fun to get behind the many tasks and mini games. As it is meant to be play by kids and adults alike, Tivola has put much effort into easy navigation, varied challenges and lovingly designed animals.

Steffen Peukert, Product Manager at Tivola, says: “With Animal Hospital we’re of to a strong start into what we think of as the Animal Fun December. We’re proud of this beautiful game and motivating game and are looking forward to the other great titles we’re launching before Christmas: Wildlife: America, Dog Hotel 3D, Hippo Sports und Teddy the Panda.“

•Treat zebras, lions, elephants, hippos and rhinos
•14 treatment rooms and more than 30 different illnesses with a range of mini-games
•Decorate your hospital with great items you can unlock
•Cute 3D graphics and easy-to-learn controls

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