Star Ghost Available on the Nintendo eShop (Video)

Squarehead Studios announced today the release of their slick, retro-styled shoot-em-up, Star Ghost, available exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U™.

About Star Ghost
Combining challenging SHMUP action with a deceptively simple control scheme, Star Ghost is a celebration of classic arcade gameplay as seen through a twenty-first century lens. It’s vibrant, neon-styled visuals and spectacular particle effects are complemented by an atmospheric soundtrack by David Wise.

Star Ghost challenges the player to patrol 12 beautifully rendered star systems, navigating the fragments of exploding planets, surviving intense asteroid fields and dogfighting deadly Sentinel ships in a desperate bid to save the galaxy from the Metagon Empire.

“Star Ghost is heavily inspired by a youth misspent in the arcades. I hope it evokes fond memories for older gamers and creates some wonderful new ones for younger players” said Rhys Lewis, founder, Squarehead Studios.